the chapel

Chapel Point gets its name from the Church that overlooks this site. It consists of a gentle slope of white sand and patches of Coral leading down to about 12m/40ft, where it suddenly drops off into an impressive wall. There are many colourful Tube and Finger Sponges along the wall together with Gorgonian Seafans that sprout from the volcanic rocks and golden coloured Leather Corals, whose polyps shimmer in the sunlight, making for an impressive sight. As you work your way along the wall there are a number of small overhangs and ledges to explore, which are home to Clearfin Lionfish and White-Eyed Moray Eels. You will then come across a small cavern at about 20m/65ft that sometimes has a school of Silversides hiding from predators. This cavern makes for a great photo opportunity, as there is a colourful soft coral hanging from the ceiling and Midnight Snapper are often hanging out in the entrance.

As you ascend to the reef flat, clouds of colourful reef fishes can be seen around the expanse of stunning Hard Corals, Sailfin Shrimp Gobies can be seen in the sandy patches, Ribbon Eel hang out of their burrows looking for food, Bluefin Trevally hunt for their next meal, Banded Sea Kraits chase down prey and huge Green Turtles are seen on most dives.