rock point west

The west side of Rock Point is a steep slope, which leads to a plateau at the tip of the point. Depending on the current, divers have the choice of continuing to the east side to explore the plateau or returning along the west slope. The deeper parts of the slope have great Hard Corals and Sponges, and it is possible to see larger fish, like Longnose Emperor, passing by. The shallower sections are covered in a luxurious Soft Coral forest; it’s some of the healthiest and most prolific Corals you will ever see! As these Soft Corals are a favorite food of the Hawksbill Turtle, there is a good chance of seeing several of the resident population while diving here. Sometimes Giant Frogfish can be found here perched on top of Sponges, as well as all the usual tropical reef fishes and a variety of different Nudibranchs and Flatworms.