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David Lewis
David LewisPADI IDC Staff Instructor
David Lewis first came to the Philippines working a scuba instructor on another conservation project. Try a dive with David; sign up for one of our very special short PADI courses. David is the team leader of our team, leading the way in reef-cleaning programs, fish identifying, standards and safety, whilst motivating and teaching younger staff member’s safe diving skills that are of benefiting the underwater ecology of Apo Island.
Sydney Mendez
Sydney MendezPADI Dive Master
Sidney is a local lad who worked as one of our boatmen for three years before transferring to the submerged section of the dive shop in 2001. Sidney has a great knowledge of the underwater currents on Apo Island, as well as a fantastic eye in finding those hard to see niceties on the reef. Sidney is one of the strongest believers in the protection of Apo Island he is a member of the Bantay Dagat, additionally he helps supervise some of the scholarship student activities and the weekly clean up.
Yhanz Pascobello
Yhanz PascobelloPADI Dive Master
Ihan is working his way up the ladder to being a dive master, he follows in the footsteps of his brothers Mario and cousin Sidney, looking after our guests in the safest way possible as he learns the ins and outs of the dive business. Yhanz too is involved with the weekly clean up of Apo Island.
Dive Fee Description Rates
Diving with experienced guides around Apo Island P1150
Personalized one by one diving P280
Equipment Rental Rates
Full Gear P280
Under Water Light P280


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